NVCL Donors Program

A truly “National” Virtual Core Library needs to draw on both public and private sector endeavours

To become a valuable reference point of Australian 3D geology and mineral deposit characteristics the NVCL needs to contain representative cores that may have been hyperspectrally scanned, but are still physically held in private hands – a truly “virtual” library.

The NVCL Core Donors program is an important opportunity for the private sector to contribute to the Nation’s knowledge future.

We gratefully acknowledge the following companies and individuals who have made available to the NVCL results from their HyLogged drill holes.

  • Gold Fields of Australia (St Ives Gold Mines). Cores from the St Ives gold camp near Kambalda, WA.

To contribute to the program or discuss options please contact either your nearest State Core Library representative, or Jon Huntington (Interim Auscope NVCL Project Director) at jon.huntington@csiro.au or phone (02) 9490-8839.