Research Opportunities

Research access to previously or future scanned cores is strongly encouraged. Researchers interested in conducting research on cores in the National Virtual Core Library or seeking access to the NVCL scanning hardware at research rates should contact one of the following Geological Survey Custodians in the first instance.

State Custodian Email Address
NSW Graham Butt
SA Alan Mauger
Tasmania Geoff Green
WA Ivor Roberts
Qld John Tuttle
Victoria Paul MacDonald
Northern Territory Tracey Rogers
GA Andy Barnicoat

Current Research Projects

These pages reserved for contacts and summaries of research projects being undertaken and fostered by NVCL content. Projects are currently in the planning stage in Western Australia and Tasmania.

Researcher Michelle Goryniuk
Project Title The reflectance spectroscopy of drill cores and chips from South Australia
Contacts Centre for Mineral Exploration under Cover, Earth and Environmental Sciences,
The University of Adelaide, South Australia, 5005
Phone: +61 (08) 8303-3830
Sponsoring Agencies PIRSA
Project Summary The reflectance spectra of >300 drill cores and chips from South Australia are being examined to characterize the spectral signatures that relate to ore mineralization, alteration halos, and country rock.
Drill-holes studied Olympic Dam (RU39-5371), rocks from the Birksgate Complex and Pitjantjatjara Supersuites; Gairdner Dolerite, Peridotite, and Kimberlite.