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HyLogging™ Systems
HyChips™ Systems
HyChips™ Services Spectral Sensing
The Spectral Geologist (TSG), spectral analysis software
Minerals Down Under Flagship: helping to transform the minerals industry in Australia

Spectral Libraries

Arizona State University
FDM FTIR Spectra of Minerals
GMEX Spectral Libraries and Field Spectroscopy reference guides
Geological Environment Specific Spectral Libraries (GESSL)
John Hopkins University Spectral Library
JPL Spectral Library
USGS Spectroscopy Lab
USGS Digital Spectral Library:

Spectral Publications

An investigation of the spectral reflectance characteristics of alteration associated with IOCG deposits (Ausspec Spectral Development Project SDP012: 2002).
Barns Prospect South Australia HyLogging Study
GMEX spectral libraries and Field Spectroscopy reference guides

M.Berman, L.Bischof and J.Huntington: Algorithms and software for the automated identification of minerals using field spectra or hyperspectral imagery. In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Applied Geologic Remote Sensing, 1999, Volume 1, Vancouver, Canada (pp 222-232).

Miscellaneous PIMA Case studies Website under reconstruction.
Quantifying total sulphide content of cores and cut-rock surfaces using thermal infrared reflectance: Jilu Feng, Benoit Rivard, E. Ann Gallie, and Arturo Sanchez, (2006)
Spectral characteristics of regolith profiles and deeply weathered terrain (Ausspec Spectral Development Project SDP003, 1996).
Spectral Measurements Field Guide by John W. Salisbury (Email)

Spectral Research Programs

AMIRA Geometallurgical Mapping and Mine Modelling
CRC LEME Objective Logging
CRC LEME Mineral Mapping SA
Data Metallogenica Mineral Deposit Sample Database and some spectra
Data Metallogenica Batu Hijau HyChips Spectral Example
Data Metallogenica Batu Hijau PIMA Spectral Example
SARIG - South Australian Resources Information Geoserver
Hyperspectral Research at NRCAN/CCRS
South Australia HyLogging
University of Winnipeg Dept of Geography

Spectral Geology Consultants

Ausspec International Pty Ltd
Mineral Mapping Pty Ltd(Email)
PetraScience Consultants
Spectral International:
Spectral Geology Pty Ltd.(Email)